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A lot has been written about coping with emotions of envy and learn how to overcome this painful emotion. 

Nonetheless, not as a lot has been written about learn how to inform if somebody is envious of you.

Envy is ubiquitous and coping with the detrimental, at instances catastrophic actions of people who find themselves envious of you is not any stroll within the park.

We could not consciously acknowledge it, however envy is a universally feared emotion, and it has the potential to decimate people in addition to societies.

(Suppose political motives on a grand scale which are fuelled by nothing aside from envy). 

I don’t wish to flip this right into a political piece, however simply for instance of political strikes fuelled by envy, you may think about political events interesting to the envious individuals in a inhabitants by promising to tax the wealthy extra and the poor much less (or not taxing them in any respect).

Signs of envy

Is It Straightforward To Know When You’re The Goal Of Envy?

Regardless of being a universally feared emotion, many individuals don’t even notice they’re the goal of an envy assault, and this might be one motive why much less is claimed and written about learn how to take care of individuals who envy you.

Apparently, one research discovered that when confronted with different individuals’s envy, we people universally go to 1 response first: concealment.

And when concealing your enviable benefits doesn’t work out, we go to denial. 

That’s, denial that we’ve one thing worthy of envying. 

I consider this denial makes us naive and causes us to close off to individuals’s true intent.

Hypothetical instance:

You could have a pal named Jenny who retains casually mentioning your flaws, however you inform your self that she isn’t actually feeling envious, she’s only a actually “sincere” form of particular person.

Yeah, proper.

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Denying Envious Emotions Comes Again To You

It could be troublesome to search out one single human on this earth who hasn’t felt envy. 

Nonetheless, envy is such a robust and burdensome emotion that it’s principally hid, (even to ourselves) and described with phrases aside from envy. 

Most individuals really feel far more comfy describing themselves as jealous reasonably than envious, despite the fact that more often than not, what they actually imply is that they really feel envious.

What’s extra is that there are some people who find themselves extraordinarily liable to envy.

These individuals are so secretly consumed by the emotion that a big chunk of their actions are quietly fuelled by it, and so they spend their lives making an attempt to keep away from dealing with it. 

However in fact, what we resist, persists.

People who find themselves liable to envy are inclined to compensate for being haunted by this crippling emotion by making different individuals pay for his or her envy, and portray themselves to appear to be the great man.

Suppose narcissists for instance. 

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Envy Is NOT Jealousy

The very first thing to recollect relating to figuring out learn how to inform if somebody is envious of you, is that envy is such an onerous emotion that many individuals don’t even describe it accurately. 

As I simply talked about, as a substitute of admitting that they’re envious, they describe themselves as jealous. 

However individuals describing envy as jealousy is de facto the very best case situation, as a result of envy will also be described or “dressed up” as:

  • Advantage (advantage signalling anybody?)
  • Nobleness
  • Hatred
  • Admiration; and
  • Even self-aggrandizing conduct

So what’s the primary distinction between jealousy and envy? As a result of they’re very completely different.

Envy is what you are feeling when another person has a bonus in life that you simply really feel you don’t have or can’t obtain.

Jealousy is the emotion you are feeling whenever you really feel threatened that one thing you already have is about to be taken away.

Each are very troublesome feelings with probably damaging penalties, nonetheless, individuals have numerous problem naming and admitting to envy.


As a result of admitting that you simply envy somebody is to (probably) expose your self as:

  • Low standing
  • Probably a hater or somebody who will goal the envied particular person with evil intent
  • Incompetent
  • Pathetic; or
  • Harbouring low self-worth

More often than not (however not all the time), it’s simpler to say you’re jealous of somebody, since you already technically ‘have’, or have entry to, the factor you’re jealous of.

However to confess that you simply’re envious?

That’s damning. 

To not point out, if you happen to admit to having the emotion below the context of getting accomplished one thing shameful (like criticizing or hating on one other particular person, or concentrating on one other particular person with dangerous intent), you danger being judged harshly.

You additionally danger feeling one other extraordinarily troublesome emotion: disgrace.

And only a few individuals will ever admit to, or confront emotions of disgrace.

See how troublesome envy is?

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Is Envy Associated to Copycat Conduct?

With regards to figuring out learn how to inform if somebody is envious of you, it could pay to have a look at copycat conduct.

Some ladies studying this will have a painful reminiscence of a pal who stored copying their type, homework and even their manner of speaking.

They are saying imitation is the best type of flattery, however it’s solely flattery if the particular person isn’t making an attempt to outright steal your identification or undermine your standing or confidence. 

Not each one that copies you is flattering you, removed from it. A few of them truly wish to harm you within the course of.

(Ie: if somebody copies you a lot that it feels as if they’re always leeching off your individualism and concepts, for instance). 

One of many many incidents that impressed me to look at and research this emotion of envy was an ungainly and repulsive collection of occasions that occurred over a number of years.

Imagine it or not, after this collection of occasions of which I used to be the goal of some stranger’s envy, one other atrocious story of an envy assault occurred to my household, particularly my oldest son, my husband and lesser so, myself.

However let’s begin (briefly) with the primary occasion.

Starting in about 2017, there was a girl who started obsessive copycat conduct, and it rapidly turned apparent that she was making an attempt desperately to steal our individuality and undermine mine and my husband’s enterprise.

My husband was way more proof against this than I used to be (and pleased to disregard the conduct), however my suspicion turned tougher to disregard when this lady started to do the next over a number of years:

  • Copy the content material from my emails and blogs, and publish them on her social platform, and she or he did it religiously.

    Each new e mail and each new publish of mine would find yourself (albeit with a lazy try to re-engineer my wording) in her social platforms.

  • Rip off mine and my husband’s quote pictures and put her title on them
  • Steal our new product names
  • Go away feedback on my weblog below a pretend title, telling readers to purchase teaching from her
  • And that is essentially the most awkward half: she would even steal my expressions, the feedback or posts I left by myself social platforms (my fb group for instance) and say some model of it herself…it was astonishing and predictable.

    A few of you who’ve been to school/college could be aware of the time period “plagiarism”. Nicely, this was plagiarism at its finest. Solely, this was not faculty, it was the actual world and in the actual world, something goes.

    Plagiarism isn’t taking another person’s concepts, however stealing somebody’s expressions. Nicely, she did that with no disgrace.

  • Unusually, she even stole my thought of an instagram deal with 

The craziest half (and essentially the most disturbing half) of this lady’s copycat conduct was that it was accomplished in serial stalker vogue.

Every time I mentioned or posted one thing new, she did too. 

Bizarre, proper?

I’m no stranger to individuals copying our concepts, as a result of that’s occurred from the beginning.

It’s the web! And it’s the actual world, so I don’t anticipate something to be honest. 

However I’d by no means seen copycat conduct as godawful as this.

It’s one factor to repeat an thought, it’s one other to stalk somebody and attempt to mimic their each transfer and phrase. 

The identical goes for somebody copying your type. You will have a girlfriend who begins shopping for the identical type of activewear tights that you simply purchase. 

That might be a praise for certain. She’s not directly saying you will have good style.

But when she begins copying your complete outfits and the best way you speak…that’s clearly unnerving, proper? 

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Envy Is The Trigger Of A Lot Of Failed Friendships Or Alliances

That is the half that’s troublesome for lots of people to listen to.

However all of us want to listen to it, as a result of as I mentioned, it’s not all the time simple to acknowledge the reality (a lot much less to see it within the first place). 

There are doubtless some buddies who’ve left your life not simply attributable to variations or conflicts as you’ll have thought, however attributable to envy.

Some individuals have slow-faded away from you as a result of they may not deal with how this envy in direction of your life made them really feel about themselves. 

Fairly merely, it doesn’t matter how good of a pal you might be to others, envious individuals couldn’t care much less about that.

They care about not repeatedly being uncovered to their very own emotions of inferiority. 

They’d reasonably defend their fragility by abandoning you.

And it doesn’t must solely be buddies both. It will also be blood family. 

If you have a look at how crippling envy may be, and couple that with the truth that many individuals discover it troublesome to take the excessive highway and to be a much bigger particular person, all of it is sensible.

Why keep near somebody if their existence and their life is a continuing reminder of what you may’t have?

Nicely, I’d argue that it’s necessary to remain buddies with individuals who have greater than you.


With the intention to be taught what they’ve accomplished and be impressed by their onerous work, however most individuals don’t share my sentiment.

It’s necessary to maintain a excessive worth mindset relating to coping with your individual emotions of envy, particularly as a lot of the world is now starting to endure a decrease way of life. 

The individuals it’s possible you’ll envy are usually not proof against life’s issues, hurts or tragedies…

They simply have a bonus you want to have, simply as you’d have a bonus in one other space of life that they could by no means have skilled!

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What’s The Function Of Envy?

So what’s the aim of envy?

Absolutely all of this potential destruction has a goal?

To grasp the aim of envy, you first have to grasp the kind of individuals who go to this emotion loads.

In fact, everybody feels envy, however some individuals use it positively, whereas others use the emotion destructively.

So what varieties of individuals are inclined to really feel and act (negatively) on their envy loads?

  1. Folks with low self-worth
  2. People who find themselves too lazy to make use of and channel their envy into enhancing their very own lives
  3. Individuals who had been on the mercy of manipulative dad and mom who would draw back love simply to maintain them hooked, or who would intentionally favour one other youngster simply to make this youngster really feel envious of their sibling
  4. Individuals who desire to make use of politics, allure and brown nosing to get what they need in life (these individuals are extremely suspicious of people that work onerous, who create worth on the planet and who’ve a robust route of their very own)
  5. Individuals who had dad and mom who had a sample of going to envy loads, and they also undertake the identical sample themselves unknowingly
  6. People who find themselves narcissistic
  7. And intellectuals. Not all intellectuals are envious, however fairly just a few are.

    As somebody who accomplished a level in Legislation/Arts, and figuring out that some would have thought-about me to be an mental in some unspecified time in the future, it’s not simple to checklist this one down, however the fact is the reality:

    Quite a lot of intellectuals are envious of enterprise individuals and individuals who win financially within the company world. They don’t just like the disproportionate financial rewards that capitalists obtain.

    Maybe it is because they really feel like they’re entitled to more cash for having “studied tougher”, and certainly they couldn’t have sacrificed so a few years of their life at college/faculty simply to see some highschool dropout make tens of millions of {dollars} on a nicely executed enterprise thought?!

So once we have a look at what kinds of individuals are liable to envy, it’s simpler to see how the emotion of envy serves them (sure, them, however not the people who find themselves the targets of their envy).

The aim of envy is, on the most simple degree, to propel people to realize a selected, coveted benefit in life for themselves.

Nonetheless, researchers usually separate benign envy and malicious envy.

Benign envy is one thing extremely esteemed individuals really feel. A minimum of that’s what I consider.

They might really feel envious, however their centre of gravity is to not destroy or hate the envied particular person, their middle of gravity is to work tougher to acquire the identical benefit for themselves.

The aim of benign envy is to assist individuals remedy adaptive issues in life, like:

  • Not having sufficient cash
  • Not experiencing sufficient consideration and love
  • Not having sufficient standing in life; and
  • Not possessing the requisite benefits to realize a sure purpose

In fact, the aim of malicious envy is far the identical. 

Nonetheless, when somebody feels and acts on malicious envy, what they do isn’t enhance their very own life, however reasonably, attempt to get a coveted benefit by making the envied particular person have much less.

Merely put, their purpose is to make the goal of their envy incur a big and painful price.

Right here’s an instance:

Let’s say you’re a girl of common attractiveness degree, who has a crush on a man at work. 

This man is excessive worth, so that you’re very conscious that there are different ladies within the office who additionally need this man for themselves.

Nonetheless, there’s an issue.

One in all these ladies who additionally share your admiration for this excessive worth man is especially lovely, engaging and likewise has a likeable persona.

As a result of you realize (or secretly consider) someplace deep inside that your appears to be like or persona don’t evaluate to this different lady’s, you are feeling deeply resentful of her seemingly undeserved benefit.

However as a substitute of appreciating your individual kindness or the great traits in your individual appears to be like or persona (in order that they may develop, as all the pieces we respect grows), you proceed to focus on this different feminine competitor. 

However how, it’s possible you’ll ask?

  • By ruining her status (telling the man you need that she is a slut, even if in case you have no proof to show it)
  • Making snide feedback to her that assault her self-worth; and
  • By turning everybody within the office towards her, in order that as a substitute of spending the time wooing the man you need, she spends useful vitality feeling unhappy and offended about being excluded at work.

    Really, like numerous unsuspecting ladies, I’ve had the expertise of being ostracized at work (though there was no man I used to be after, I wrote about it right here).

Within the worst case situation, envy kills, actually.

So let’s check out the indicators of envy now, as a result of the indicators of envy will assist you determine learn how to inform if somebody is envious of you.

12 Secretive Indicators Of Envy

Signal #1: They Disappear Or Go Quiet Every time You Expertise One thing They Need

Let’s say essentially the most coveted expertise in your friendship circle is journey and holidays.

Nicely, everytime you go on a vacation (however particularly to a vacation spot that’s excessive worth or in style), you discover that your “pal” or relative mysteriously drops off and stops speaking to you.

Till nicely after you’ve returned out of your journey, in fact.

And whenever you query them about why they had been absent, they declare that they’ve been MIA for all of their buddies and to everybody currently, not simply you.

Likewise, whenever you obtain private success in your life, comparable to getting engaged or married, getting promoted at work, publishing a ebook or beginning a brand new enterprise, this pal or member of the family appears to vanish.

The place are they when it comes time to have a good time your success?

Most likely hiding below a rock, to keep away from feeling too inferior or envious.

Signal #2: They’re Disloyal To You (And Facet With Your Enemies)

With regards to indicators of envy, a scarcity of loyalty is a large giveaway.

Some individuals are simply disloyal by nature. They’re the kinds of people that desire to unfold their eggs over many baskets.

However I’m not particularly referring to these individuals.

I’m referring to the buddies who all the time appear extra loyal to the particular person you’re having an argument with, or to somebody who’s hurting you.

If somebody comes into your life and does one thing horrible, like stealing your property or saying dangerous issues to you, this “pal” you will have won’t ever verbally categorical that what occurred to you was unsuitable, or present loyalty and solidarity to you.

However reasonably, they could keep surprisingly silent and even perk up on the likelihood to defend your enemy.


These sorts of individuals are not your pal.

Signal #3: They Appear To Suck Up To You & Fawn Over You

One other technique of somebody who feels numerous envy is to attempt to achieve a number of the benefits that you’ve got.

So, in a bid to take a number of the consideration, love or assets you will have, they’ll:

  • Begin to spend far more time with you
  • All the time praise you
  • Ask you probing questions
  • Faux to be your largest supporter (whenever you haven’t earned their help or loyalty but)
  • Attempt to get near your loved ones; or
  • Attempt to change into your finest pal

Envious individuals could praise you and verbally flatter you a large number, particularly your most excellent achievements and abilities, making you are feeling appreciated and to present you a false feeling of security with them.

However some compliments are real and easily beneficiant, so how do you inform the distinction between an genuine praise and a praise pushed by envy?

The factor to search for right here is flattery earlier than it’s due and earlier than your relationship will get to a spot the place these compliments is sensible. 

If the particular person appears to flatter you out of nowhere, or an excessive amount of, you’ll have to ask your self why!

Compliments are literally feared in some cultures as symbolic of envy.

In fact, a complete lack of compliments can even symbolize envy and an unwillingness to go credit score or give consideration the place it’s due.

For instance, a girl profusely complimenting the looks of one other lady they don’t really feel threatened by, while ignoring a girl she feels is extraordinarily good wanting.

And with out demonising ladies, that is truly a standard phenomenon. 

Girls additionally praise ladies who’re unusually gorgeous in fact.

However it’s a lot tougher for most ladies to take action, given emotions of envy and/or a concern of their very own inadequacy.

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Signal #4: You Simply Really feel It

Unsurprisingly, probably the most dependable indicators of envy is that you simply really feel it in your intestine.

Keep in mind I discussed earlier that envy is a universally feared emotion?

It is because it comes with hostility and aggression.

Envious individuals are inclined to act aggressive and hostile in direction of you, and this hostility could even come out after they appear to be performing pleasant and good on the floor.

What I’ve seen is that generally individuals don’t discover this hostility or wish to fake it’s not there (it’s scary to confront the truth that your pals could envy you, and we’d all reasonably preserve extra buddies in our lives than eliminate them!)

However if you happen to really feel somebody’s hostility in your intestine, there’s an honest likelihood that what you’re sensing is envy.

Until you’ve accomplished them unsuitable or they’re going by one thing horrible, in fact.

Signal #5: They Look And Act Uncomfortable When Speaking About Your Successes/Benefits

…Or worse, they ignore your successes utterly.

That is a kind of indicators of envy that almost all of us recognise fairly simply.

Should you point out your success and so they appear to wish to take the eye away from it, or keep away from discussing it, it might be envy for certain.

Supplied, in fact you’re not that one that brags on a regular basis. Individuals who brag loads are annoying as a result of they’re not doing it to make buddies.

As an alternative they’re making an attempt to lift their very own self-worth, exhibit, and even intentionally set off envy in others.

Should you’re the fixed bragger and provides no consideration to others, then you may’t actually blame individuals desirous to take consideration away from you and your success (since you’re annoying them!)

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Signal #6: They Leech Off Of You

One of many extra disturbing indicators of envy is when an individual hates your benefits a lot that they cosy as much as you as a way to suck the benefit away from you.

Mate poaching is one instance of this, and I speak much more about it in my article: Girls Who Date Married Males: 11 Hush Hush Causes They Do It.

To clarify what I imply, right here’s a easy instance:

Let’s say you will have a very charming and wonderful boyfriend. The form of boyfriend/husband that different ladies need.

And a single (or perhaps a taken) lady pal of yours appears to be getting fairly near you and your husband as a pal, albeit with the intent of both stealing him away, or simply getting a number of the useful consideration you have from him.

One other instance is in case you are fairly in style, excessive standing, have excessive self-worth and have the abilities of creating numerous connections.

Generally individuals could wish to spend additional time with you as a way to leech off the connections and standing you will have in-built your life.

Should you sense that connecting with you isn’t somebody’s solely intent, beware, as a result of irrespective of how good they appear and irrespective of how a lot they appear to do for you, their emotions of envy is not going to doubtless change into your benefit.

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Signal #7: They Make Feedback That Carry You Down

It’s the little feedback, the small put downs scattered all through the harmless conversations you will have collectively.

The traditional instance is somebody casually mentioning a minor perceived “flaw” of yours, when there’s completely no have to.

Like mentioning a freckle, a bent ear, a brand new clothes type or imperfectly positioned lipstick in a destructive mild.


Signal #8: They Smile When You Lose

That is such a useless giveaway and it hurts to witness, however actually envious and narcissistic individuals can’t assist it!

Their physique language says all of it for them, and there’s a reputation for it: schadenfreude smile. 

Analysis has proven that folks (however most particularly, individuals with low self-worth), are biologically wired to reply with pleasure, happiness or glee when witnessing the struggling of somebody they envy.

Should you discover that your “pal” tends to lean in nearer, or that the corners of their mouth flip upwards whenever you:

  • Expertise one thing traumatic or hurtful
  • Lose a contest
  • Lose consideration from others
  • A deal falls by
  • Your relationship fails
  • Your dad or mum dies
  • Your husband/boyfriend cheats on you
  • You lose your job
  • Your boyfriend/husband loses his job

….Then it is advisable know that they don’t seem to be your pal, and so they by no means thought-about themselves to be!

Signal #9: They Make Up Issues To Tarnish Your Fame

There’s nothing as malicious and low worth as making up lies and destructive tales to slander somebody you might be envious of, however there are individuals on the market who enjoyment of doing it.

If somebody is determined sufficient and has low sufficient self-worth, they are going to do that in an try to take any perceived benefits away from you.

Why construct your self or the envied particular person up, when you may simply convey them down? 

It takes much less vitality and you need to face much less fears and emotions of inadequacy.

In fact, individuals who do that are normally the individuals who aren’t weak to emotions of disgrace or guilt.

In different phrases, they’re not fairly regular when it comes to their capability to attach with others and to empathize with others.

These individuals are typically low worth, and I like to recommend you keep away from them, in addition to keep away from such low worth conduct your self.

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Signal #10: They Stalk You On-line Or In Individual

One of many indicators of envy is obsession.

Some individuals really feel such a scarcity inside themselves that they change into obsessive about another person who has the benefits or the success that they need.

Much like leeching off somebody, if somebody’s pleasant conduct begins bordering on obsession, it might not imply that they care about you per se, however reasonably, that they secretly wish to hurt you. 


As a result of they’re consumed by envy and wish to know your each transfer in order that they will mimic you. Nicely, maybe even change into you.


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Signal #11: They Gained’t Empathize With You

Should you’ve labored your butt off and made numerous sacrifices to get to the place you might be in your profession, and all of your pal can do is let you know that you simply “bought fortunate”, they’re in all probability envious of you.

They gained’t care that you simply deserve the success since you labored onerous for it.

They gained’t even care that you simply had been homeless for some time simply to realize your present success.

As an alternative, they are going to assume you don’t deserve your success, as a result of it absolves them of the accountability to work simply as onerous to be deserving of such success themselves!

That is much like schadenfreude in that low esteemed people who find themselves envious of you’ll take pleasure in it if you happen to lose some huge cash on a foul funding.

Or in case your profitable youngsters all of the sudden get into an accident and lose all of the well being and alternative they beforehand had.

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Signal #12: They Disgrace You

…To your success.


Envious individuals can’t stand it when others, particularly others who’re near them, achieve extra:

  • Standing
  • Consideration
  • Success
  • Sources
  • Reputation

As a result of they’re entitled to success with none effort, in fact.

As twisted as it might sound to any clever particular person, envious individuals will truly disgrace you in your success.


Nicely, right here’s an instance…

Let’s say your child is excelling at math in class, and is prime of the category.

And Jo Blo’s child is flunking all of his math checks, however Jo Blo doesn’t wish to hassle educating or serving to his child.

He simply needs to really feel higher about his personal failure to show his child.

As an alternative of congratulating you and your child in your mathematical abilities, he could say one thing like:

“Wow, some dad and mom don’t have anything higher to do with their lives than to show their child math.”

How unusual, and the way backwards is such psychology? 

Nicely, if I’ve discovered something in regards to the trendy world, at the least right here in Australia, it’s this:

While there are many individuals who will probably be pleased so that you can succeed, there’s additionally no scarcity of people who find themselves pleased to disgrace you straight or not directly in your success.

You may name it tall poppy syndrome.

One other instance of envious individuals shaming others might be if you happen to’re very match and spend fairly a little bit of time within the gymnasium, and also you’re beginning to look superb.

Somebody who’s envious of your diligence, or your physique, could say one thing like:

“You bought so fortunate to have inherited such a pleasant physique out of your dad and mom.”


“I’ve far more necessary issues to do than to spend my days within the gymnasium. I haven’t bought time for issues like that.”

What If I see Myself In These Indicators Of Envy?

By now you may be questioning: “what if I’m the envious and jealous one? Does that make me a foul particular person?”

Don’t fear.

Each single particular person has felt envy earlier than.

You’re solely a foul particular person if you happen to attempt to destroy, harm or take one thing away from the particular person you are feeling envious of.

So far as I’m involved, envy may be one of many healthiest fuels in your personal success. Provided that you’re prepared to understand onerous work.

Should you select to take the low highway and be the small particular person, then simply know that emotions of envy gained’t go away simply by making an attempt to make another person endure, or by pretending the envy isn’t there.

Emotions of envy solely go away as soon as you are feeling resourceful sufficient to create benefits of your individual.

And in my expertise, the extra you’re employed onerous to make the form of life and relationships your coronary heart wishes, the much less you’ll really feel envy.

In truth, if you happen to take this method, it’s the closest you’ll ever come to eliminating envy.

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Last Phrases

By now you need to have a very good thought of learn how to inform if somebody is envious of you.

While individuals attempt to preserve their envy below wraps, it all the time comes out in some way.

When searching for the indicators of envy in your pals, acquaintances or sadly, even household, bear in mind that it’s going to all the time present up on their faces, of their feedback or of their conduct in some way.

Envious individuals won’t ever genuinely take pleasure in or have a good time your benefits, so it’s possible you’ll witness them making an attempt to deprive you of your benefits. 

Or if you happen to’re fortunate, it’s possible you’ll witness them working onerous to attempt to replicate your success (hopefully in a respectful manner in fact), and that’s one thing we will think about to be benign envy.

Envious conduct reveals up in a myriad of the way.

There actually is not any restrict to the conduct that betrays somebody’s envy, as a result of some conduct will initially look constructive, and a few will probably be clearly destructive and even wicked from the beginning.

Your job is to not attempt to be politically appropriate and assume the very best of somebody who has already seen you as a goal of envy, however reasonably, to see them as they’re.

Now over to you. What are some indicators of envy that you’ve got seen in your individual life? Share any tales that you’ve got skilled with us under!

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