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Rebound relationships present the alluring promise of pleasure, hope and distraction from two issues:

  • The onerous means of detaching from an ex; and
  • The accountability to cope with your personal points/points from a earlier relationship. 

And but, not each rebound relationship is doomed to fail. A few of them do work out in the long run.

This is probably not what you need to hear if you happen to suppose your ex is in a rebound relationship – and also you hope to get your ex again.

However there should still be hope, as a result of bear in mind…

There’s a motive why we name them rebound relationships. It’s as a result of:

  • They lack actual emotional attraction; and 
  • Rebound relationship levels are clearly completely different to the everyday levels of a romantic relationship the place two folks actually fall in love.

As a consequence of the truth that a rebound relationship is initiated based mostly on short-term emotions of hope and the concept the grass is greener, many of those relationships don’t final long-term.

Rebound relationship stages

So let’s reply start by answering the urgent query: how lengthy will my ex’s rebound final?

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How Lengthy Will My Ex’s Rebound final?

If it’s a real rebound, you may anticipate it to final wherever between a month to six months.

For some folks it takes a bit longer than that to finish the rebound. All of it relies on how lengthy your ex and their new companion can tolerate the inevitable decline of the connection.

However no matter how lengthy your ex’s rebound lasts, anticipate the ultimate weeks or months to not be a cheerful interval for them.

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(Why is that this necessary? It’s as a result of your core attachment fashion largely dictates and influences what occurs in your relationship. Thus it’s crucial you perceive your core attachment fashion!)

So now let’s get into the 5 traditional rebound relationship levels.

Stage #1: The Decide A Low Hanging Fruit Stage…

This stage might final wherever from days to a few months – it often doesn’t take lengthy to choose a low hanging fruit.

What occurs at this stage?

Your ex notices and chases a low hanging fruit.

A low hanging fruit is one thing that’s straightforward to get and profit from. 

Maybe your ex has the concept you guys weren’t actually appropriate (by the best way, this idea of compatibility is simply fluff. However that’s a dialogue for an additional time).

One other chance is that since your ex didn’t really feel pleased sufficient with you, they assumed the answer could be to swing the pendulum and date somebody fully completely different to you.

Nonetheless, the reality is that as a result of your ex doesn’t need to undergo the pure (however arduous) means of getting over the breakup and detaching from you – she or he wants to choose a low hanging fruit shortly with a purpose to fill the outlet left by the breakup.

So – who could be labeled as a low hanging fruit on your ex? It may very well be:

  • Somebody they beforehand friend-zoned
  • Somebody who has at all times ‘appreciated’ them
  • Somebody who’s prepared to be associates with advantages 
  • Somebody who makes themselves simply accessible
  • Somebody whom they secretly stored as backup
  • Somebody who noticed their vulnerability and lured them in. In different phrases, an outsider capitalises in your ex’s low self-worth, emotional weak spot, and lack of loyalty to you by doing every part you didn’t do on your ex.

    These ‘outsiders’ are typically opportunistic and entice your ex right into a rebound relationship by presenting themselves because the “higher” selection.

    For instance: some new companions will play the nice man or gal by shopping for whole new wardrobes and even repay automobile loans of their quest to steal your ex.

Now on to one of many rebound relationship levels that’s harder so that you can witness…

Stage #2: The Honeymoon Stage…

This stage often lasts wherever from 2 to six weeks.

I name this the honeymoon stage as a result of that’s what most individuals perceive this stage to be.

But I truly suppose this stage is best described as the joy stage, as a result of in a rebound relationship, that’s all it’s.

A honeymoon section in a rebound relationship is rarely the identical as it’s in a actual relationship, as a result of in a “actual” relationship, the honeymoon section is predicated on deep emotional attraction.

Nonetheless in a rebound relationship, your ex often doesn’t have any emotions of emotional attraction in the direction of their rebound in any respect.

Solely pleasure.

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So the connection takes off with each folks feeling lots of pleasure and at instances, ardour. 

That is when you might even see the PDA (public shows of affection) posts and the blissed-out posts on social media.

Be reassured that although your ex could also be posting these posts extra than they ever posted on social media once they had been with you, it’s not for good causes.

The rationale they’re posting on social media is as a result of they’re on a dopamine excessive at greatest, and since they’re compensating for the shortage of authenticity of their new relationship at worst.

However the dopamine is simply dopamine, and if she or he had been sincere, your ex most likely is aware of the brand new relationship just isn’t 100% actual, however is making an attempt arduous to make it really feel actual.

(Keep in mind this: actual emotional attraction includes dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin).

Not simply dopamine which you’ll be able to expertise simply on a each day foundation. 

You’ll be able to expertise dopamine simply by consuming some krispy kreme donuts (or, say, rebounding with a brand new companion who appears to be the alternative of your ex). 

The posts on social media are taking place as a result of they really feel the necessity to attempt arduous to reassure themselves and everybody else round them that this rebound relationship is actual.

But it surely’s not. 

If somebody is de facto rebounding within the conventional sense, then what they’re doing at this stage is they’re changing the outlet created by the breakup with pleasure.

A rebound takes their thoughts off the outlet created by the breakup with somebody new. 

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Rebound Relationship Phases: There Is Supposed To Be A Gap!

Unbeknownst to your ex although, there’s a good function for the outlet. It’s meant to be there after a breakup! 

The opening is there since you’re purported to fill it along with your grief! It’s purported to instigate a grieving interval.

Feelings resembling disappointment, harm, anger, pining on your ex, unhappiness, remorse, (and maybe gratefulness) are purported to be the pure waves of emotion that pave the trail to detaching from an ex and therapeutic from a breakup.

Even when your ex is now not in love with you, or thinks they’re now not desirous about being with you, it takes time to detach from the connection with you.

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Sure, it could actually take some time – typically years – to detach from an ex and to heal from a break up. However that doesn’t make it any much less crucial. One nonetheless has to stroll the trail of therapeutic in some unspecified time in the future. 

Whenever you stroll this pure path with braveness and select to really feel as a substitute of operating away, you inevitably come to a spot the place you may detach out of your ex.

However not everybody does this.

Not everybody even is aware of that that is crucial. 

Some persons are additionally rather less emotionally resourceful and emotionally clever. These persons are often those who battle to let themselves detach and grieve.

As a result of they don’t know how one can have a wholesome attachment.

All they know is the attract of pleasure and distraction. That’s their recurring sample in relationships.

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And look:

Maybe they don’t even worth their feelings and their relationships sufficient to really feel deeply and grieve a misplaced companion.

Folks enter a rebound relationship to attempt to shortcut this course of by filling their void.

They fill the void within the brief time period with the joy of a brand new individual – which by no means lasts – as a result of that’s not what they really want. 

It’s like a junk meals junkie filling their empty abdomen with donuts – nevertheless it’s not what their physique truly wants. It’s not actual vitamin.

Let’s get one factor straight: pleasure is not happiness. Simply because two folks in a brand new relationship are excited, doesn’t imply something profound in any respect.

I might get enthusiastic about 30 donuts being delivered to my door on a Monday morning…however how a lot does my pleasure over these donuts truly imply?

And the way profound do you suppose my pleasure is over these 30 donuts?

Level being: this stage is about feeling superficial pleasure.

It doesn’t depend for a lot.

The thrill that your ex feels in a rebound relationship often comes by way of the concept of hope and/or distraction. 

It’s the joy of distraction from deeper points. 

It’s a seductive form of pleasure, as a result of it means she or he can keep away from having to face their emotional unavailability, or the ache over the breakup with somebody they had been connected to.

It is a stage that’s significantly arduous so that you can witness if you wish to get your ex again…

As a result of it appears (on the floor) like your ex actually values this new individual, and that maybe all the joy they’re experiencing will make it extra ‘actual’.

However that’s not essentially true.

The reality is that sure pleasure is an important ingredient of a high quality relationship.

However the kind of pleasure your ex experiences in a rebound relationship just isn’t the kind of pleasure that’s the glue for a robust long-term relationship.

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Rebound Relationship Phases: Keep in mind That It’s About Taking, Not Giving

Now we have to do not forget that in a rebound relationship, the rebounder has not entered this new relationship with one of the best intent.

They only need to take worth for themselves. 

Ie: often your ex is seeking to take worth from their new love curiosity, and they typically take much more than they’ll emotionally and mentally give.

Right here’s why that’s…

It’s since you can’t actually give to somebody in a relationship when you could have unresolved grief and emotional blockages from a previous relationship. 

You additionally can’t actually give worth to a rebound love curiosity if you’re utilizing them as a distraction. Primarily it’s all about you – it’s not about truly falling in love. 

How can or not it’s when you haven’t indifferent and grieved your ex?

How can or not it’s when you could have a mountain of unresolved points that you simply by no means ‘labored by way of’ after breaking apart along with your ex?

In essence, an enormous chunk of your physique, feelings and soul nonetheless ‘belong’ to the earlier relationship. 

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Stage #3: The Comparability Stage:

If it’s a real rebound relationship, then the connection just isn’t based mostly on any actual sense of emotional attraction to start with, as a result of the individual doing the rebounding picked a low hanging fruit.

(Low hanging fruit = straightforward distraction + no buildup of emotional attraction.)

So what occurs within the comparability stage is the joy wanes and the rebound relationship now not fills the outlet that it initially appeared to fill.

On this stage, your ex notices the outlet and so they begin to examine the brand new individual to you. 

Ironic, contemplating they most likely thought their new love curiosity could be a extra appropriate possibility for them than you had been.

Once more, as a result of this new relationship was seemingly by no means based on actual emotional attraction (if it’s a real rebound relationship, it received’t be), it’s inevitable that when the joy wears off, the rebounder realises that the outlet and the previous feeling of vacancy continues to be there.  

As a substitute of recognising this gap for what it’s: a name to course of their feelings in order that they’ll heal within the long-run, they could simply assume that the issue is that this new individual isn’t as nice for them as they initially thought.

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Stage #4: The Battle Stage.

Understandably, the comparability stage opens the door to the battle stage. Why is that this?

It’s as a result of any time you examine a brand new companion to an previous flame, you’ll encounter battle.

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Attempt to do not forget that the individuals who are likely to rebound are often individuals who don’t have good attachment patterns altogether in relationships.

So as a substitute of engaged on their points with their ex or working by way of their very own emotional baggage, they have an inclination to imagine the issue was that their ex was the ‘flawed’ form of individual for them.

Maybe they assume they weren’t actually appropriate with their ex and that this new individual (who’s fully in contrast to their ex) is the answer. 

It by no means is.

So they start to doubt their new selection. Now there’s hassle in paradise.

In case your ex is on the rebound, they don’t seem to be truly emotionally accessible for his or her new companion and it turns into apparent at this stage. The brand new companion then feels upset and probably even used.

This results in conflicts that often focus on your ex in search of methods through which their new companion falls brief compared to you.

There will even seemingly be conflicts about your ex’s behaviour general. 

Particularly, the brand new companion will really feel like your ex is exhibiting one or lots of the following behaviours:

  • They hold going cold and warm
  • They’re emotionally unavailable
  • They’re typically moody
  • Their behaviours reveals that they’re non committal/dedication phobic
  • They decide fights over trivial issues

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Stage #5: The Cycle Continues Stage.

That is the final of the rebound relationship levels. At this stage, your ex realizes that the outlet they initially had just isn’t actually stuffed in any respect.

It was stuffed initially with the superficial pleasure of a brand new individual, nevertheless it might by no means actually final.

Consequently, they discover that they’re feeling as empty as they had been of their earlier relationship, or once they first broke up with you.

So why does the cycle proceed? 

As a result of at this stage, they attain a spot that’s related – if not the identical as – the place they had been in once they first determined to choose a low hanging fruit!

That place is crying out for them to course of their feelings and to detach or heal from the breakup.

If the ache they really feel (about their ex and about their new relationship) is lastly burning sufficient that they’re compelled to grieve the attachment to their ex – then they could finish the rebound relationship.

However they could additionally not finish the connection. As a substitute they could keep within the rebound relationship and hold the poisonous cycle going.

For lots of people, they simply don’t perceive the significance of grieving. 

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So as a substitute of taking the time to really feel and heal, they go from relationship to relationship, schlepping their baggage round for others to unpack.

So what’s going to occur at this level?

  • At this level, they might attempt to hold you and their new rebound companion round
  • They may go away the rebound relationship
  • They may additionally make up with their rebound companion and promise issues will likely be higher 

But it surely doesn’t actually get higher within the foreseeable future in the event that they keep within the rebound relationship.


As a result of whenever you keep in a rebound relationship, it’s very arduous to not convey all of your points into the brand new relationship.

Additionally, for many individuals, it’s arduous to actually grieve and be freed from your emotional ties along with your ex while you’re relationship somebody new.

The brand new individual must be considerably of a saint with a purpose to put up with all the additional baggage. 

It’s because each second of grieving, each emotional blockage and each frustration to do along with your ex will burden the brand new companion ultimately.

Some rebound relationships can overcome this, however most don’t.

So the cycle repeats.

As a result of in case your ex stays with their rebound, then the identical sample of feelings and behavior that originally led them to hunt out a rebound companion will play out as soon as once more.

They’re nonetheless going to attempt to fill that very same gap they initially had with floor options.

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Additionally, your ex is nonetheless the identical individual they had been on the first rebound relationship stage: the stage of selecting a low hanging fruit.

Their normal patterns of behaviour in intimate relationships haven’t modified.

Backside line: 

When you’re often egocentric in a relationship, you’re nonetheless going to be egocentric.

When you are likely to sabotage your relationship since you’re not comfy in emotional intimacy, then you definately’re going to do the identical within the new relationship – till you resolve these points. 

(Or till your saint of a brand new companion – if certainly they are a saint – helps you get better, heal and turn out to be a model new individual.)

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So this ultimate stage opens the door on your ex to lastly give up to feelings and cope with their points, or to only keep away from these points fully and proceed on their poisonous whirlwind. 

Normally, folks have a tendency to depart the rebound relationship.


As a result of the individual doing the rebounding brings a lot toxicity and so many emotional blockages into the brand new relationship that it’s merely unworkable. 

Often Requested Questions On Rebound Relationship Phases

How Lengthy Till A Rebound Relationship Fails?

In case your ex is in a real rebound relationship, then the primary indicators you’ll discover of it starting to interrupt down will happen at 6-10 weeks with their new flame.

As for the way lengthy till it fails fully – that relies on what sort of individual your ex is, in addition to on what their new flame is prepared to tolerate.

How Lengthy Does The Honeymoon Part Final In A Rebound Relationship?

The honeymoon section often lasts wherever from 2 to six weeks in a rebound relationship.

Do Rebounds Delay Therapeutic?

They delay therapeutic within the short-term. However you can’t delay therapeutic indefinitely, as a result of pleasure doesn’t fill the outlet created by the breakup.

Moreover, blocked feelings at all times discover a means out in the long run.

Why Do Dumpers Rebound?

There are just a few potential causes…

  • As a result of they didn’t understand sufficient worth of their earlier relationship or marriage.
  • As a result of they had been by no means totally emotionally dedicated to their ex.
  • As a result of there was not sufficient emotional connection and emotional attraction within the first relationship.
  • As a result of they can’t see previous the conflicts of their earlier relationship. Thus they make the error of considering that they won’t expertise the identical conflicts with a brand new individual (who could be very completely different from their ex).
  • As a result of being alone with their grief is just too arduous.
  • As a result of they suppose that it might present everybody they’re able to fixing the earlier ‘mistake’ they made in a selection of companion.

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How Did My Ex Discover Somebody So Quick?

There are a number of potential methods and causes your ex discovered somebody so quick. First I’ll checklist the sensible causes, after which the emotional causes your ex was capable of finding somebody so quick.

  • They picked a low hanging fruit (merely put, they picked somebody who was available, already appreciated them, or somebody they’d as backup previous to breaking apart with you)
  • Your ex is fascinating. Fascinating folks will at all times have choices accessible to them. Certain the standard is probably not so nice, however everybody desires the fascinating folks!
  • They needed to search out somebody and obsessed about it or put concerted effort into discovering somebody so quick. The extra vitality we put into one thing, the extra seemingly we’re to succeed at it.

Now for the emotional causes how your ex discovered somebody so quick:

  • They’re on the rebound and don’t understand it but
  • They indifferent from you a very long time in the past
  • They don’t actually care
  • They’re making an attempt to recover from you thru different folks

Will My Ex Come Again After Rebound?

It’s potential that they’ll. True rebound relationships have a cycle, as I’ve talked about above. So as soon as they attain stage#5 of the rebound relationship, they could come again.

But when your ex doesn’t come again, you must be sincere with your self and ask your self whether or not this will truly be serving you in the long term, although it hurts to must grieve on your ex now.

What Ought to You Do Now?

Chances are you’ll need to know now whether or not it’s potential to get your ex again, and if it’s potential, then when is one of the best second to aim to try this?

Now that you simply’ve discovered the rebound relationship levels, you might have an concept in your head about when your ex is most weak to being attracted again into the connection with you.

Listed here are three concepts I’ve and suggest for you:

  1. Wait till they’re within the comparability stage (as a result of that’s when they’re more likely to be lacking you essentially the most) to apologise for any hurts or harm that you might have induced – if you probably did certainly harm your ex. Additionally study concerning the levels of getting again along with an ex.
  2. Know that they’re your ex for a motive, and if you happen to attempt to get them again or settle for them again, then you definately’re going to must work very arduous to interrupt previous poisonous cycles that you simply had with them. (Most individuals aren’t minimize out for this. However relaxation assured, with the best mindset, it’s potential to price by way of issues.)
  3. Spend a while grieving your personal ache, confusion, harm and anger to attempt to see if you happen to can attain a state of being extra emotionally calibrated, and discover your personal closure.

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Ought to You Go No Contact?

Going no contact is intuitive for some folks. They know and really feel it’s the best factor to do within the context of a breakup.

So typically, the reply is sure you need to go no contact as a result of it’s the healthiest factor to do. You don’t need to beg on your ex again nor decrease your worth within the eyes of your ex as a result of concern of loss or the preliminary ache of the breakup.

If this isn’t you, and you recognize you’ll have hassle going no contact, then hear up:

Creating wholesome detachments is important in your life.

This individual is your ex for a motive, and if you happen to bodily and emotionally really feel like you may’t do no contact – then you might have deeper abandonment points or insecure attachment points.

That’s the place I may also help:

I perceive no contact will be arduous for some folks. So I urge you to make use of the time to grieve, replicate and course of for your self.

Leaping to get your ex again, or diving straight again into an previous relationship might have huge prices – particularly if you happen to attempt to get your ex again earlier than the comparability stage.

So no matter you’re considering of doing, have take into consideration the associated fee of your actions earlier than you go forward and do them.

It might additionally pay to know the male psychology throughout no contact.

Keep in mind…

Proper now, your job is to:

  • Grieve and course of, self soothe your anxiousness if you happen to do have an anxious attachment fashion; and
  • Give attention to turning into an intrinsically excessive worth girl.

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(Why is that this necessary? It’s as a result of your core attachment fashion largely dictates and influences what occurs in your relationship. Thus it’s crucial you perceive your core attachment fashion!) 

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